Where it all began

The old club with accompanying Tennis courts, 1923

Committee Members from the 1950's

In the early 1920's as Chatham was expanding, a group of men anticipated the need for a social centre and licensed club. Investors were sought and a plot of land was picked and purchased for £2,200. A tender from Mr. Stinton of Rainham for the construction of the club premises was accepted.

On the 21st of March 1923, the Chatham Suburban Club was officially opened by Mayor Alderman Whyman, the Hollies Entertainers provided the music for a small fee of £2.50.

In the early days of the club a pint of beer cost only 3 pence, ladies were not permitted in the club after 10.00pm, games were not allowed to be played on Sundays and the annual dinner was a men only affair.

The 1920's gave way to the 1930's and in 1934 it was decided to go up market when all the spittoons were removed from the club.

In 1938 a shield was presented to the club by Mr. Shrubsole containing the names of the founding committee members, this shield can be viewed in the back bar. 

The club survived the war but was very quiet with many members away fighting, but when the members returned from the front they started to revive the old club.

In 1957 a ladies darts team was formed, so the club moved into the swinging sixties. A momentous decision was made in 1961, to allow ladies into the main hall and a year later, ladies were allowed to attend the annual dinner.

The club has undergone much work since then, with many repairs and extensions being carried out. The members are very proud of their club today and would invite anyone to visit us for a tour and hopefully, you will wish to join us as a future member.